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Candid Photo Booth - Father & Son


Is the booth self-operated?

Absolutely! And it’s very easy all you have to do is press a button! However, Candid Photobooth provides a professional on site attendant  in the case a technical issue occurs

How big is the booth and how many people can it fit?

The booth itself is 14″ x 22″ and stands 6′ high (great for venues with limited space). The great thing about our booth is that it’s an open concept booth which means you can fit up to at least 8 people.

Are the photos digital or do they print on-site?

All photos are saved onto a USB which is given to you or the event coordinator at the end of the night to share with the entire party. IN ADDITION to the prints that you get to take home after snap

How long do the prints take to produce?

With our professional dye-sublimation printer, photos only take as as little as 8 seconds to print.

What type of camera do you use?

To produce high quality photos, we use a Canon DSLR camera to capture all your moments in high def.

Are the photos customizable with a logo?

Would it be a photo booth if you weren’t able to customize your photos? We encourage clients to send us ideas of how they would like to tailor their photos and we don’t stop get creative until clients are 100% satisfied with the layout before the event takes place.

Are there options for backdrops and props?

Yes,  we have some pretty amazing backdrops and plenty of props to choose from. We do our best to customize our props to your event and will even go as far as ordering special orders for you, at no charge!

How long does set up take?

Set up takes about 20 – 30 minutes and is not included in the hours booked. We will take care of all the set up and dismantling of the booth and ensure we leave the area the way we found it.

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